Demeter is a German organic farming association, whose name was protected in Munich in 1932 for biodynamic products. The biodynamic farming method practiced by Demeter members since 1924 is based on the agricultural concepts and anthroposophy of Rudolf Steiner.

Quality through Love for Nature

The ideal of biodynamic farming is a closed-loop system: the farmer keeps as many animals as the land can support. Their manure enriches the soil fertility, producing the best food for humans. With the help of biodynamic preparations, the farmer harmonizes natural processes. The farm becomes a unique organism in which each part relies on the others: human, plant, animal, and soil work together.


One of the goals of biodynamic farming is to enliven the soil. Only in vibrant soil can food grow harmoniously. The farmer nourishes the soil life, not the plants, as Rudolf Steiner taught, referring to the soil as an organ of agriculture. The soil is the digestive organ of the plant. With this approach, Steiner provided an alternative to the newly developed industrial nitrogen fertilization at that time. It quickly became evident that these nitrogen salts promote plant mass development, but at the expense of quality. In contrast, the Demeter farmer nourishes the soil life in a way that makes the living earthy matter available to the plant roots. Diverse crop rotation helps maintain soil fertility.