OneWorld has established biodynamic farming in Nepal based on the belief that sustainable agriculture should take less from nature than it gives back. At the same time, OneWorld contributes to social and economic positive change in impoverished Nepal.

Rethinking through sustained success

To help people, they must change their thinking and actions. These necessary changes can only be achieved when the results are economically rewarding for the people: farmers must find secure buyers and obtain fair prices for their organically and environmentally friendly produced goods. Functional development aid must have a human face. Help should not be charity, and progress must be achieved as much as possible through self-effort. OneWorld provides help for self-help, allowing people to maintain their dignity. Helpers become supporters, and injustices in global resource distribution are fraternally balanced. This leads to lasting development in one of the poorest regions in the world.

The Implementation

OneWorld accompanies small farmers and collectors from production to market access. The initiative helps them overcome the main obstacles, such as the assumption of costs and complex formalities for important certifications. At the same time, OneWorld promotes the self-responsibility of small farmers, helps them establish cooperatives, and trains them in the art of biodynamic farming. This enables them to cultivate their land more mindfully and live healthier lives. OneWorld purchases the farmers products at guaranteed fair prices and markets them under the brand Nepali Gardens. OneWorld also emphasizes its ecological responsibility by cultivating various endangered medicinal plants, actively promoting biodiversity in the Himalayan region.